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Put the experienced moving professionals of Capstone Removals to work for you. Our packing experts arrive with all the materials necessary to box your stuff so it’s optimized for safe, efficient transport.

Reasons to have us pack you:

    • We will pack all of your loose items into boxes, which is the single most important step in making your move quick and cost-effective
    • We pack you the day before you move, so your belongings are ready to rock and you are ready to relax
    • Packing could easily take one or two people a week, whereas we do it all in just one day
    • We bring all the materials to your door, so you don’t have to dive in the grocery store dumpster for banana boxes or make multiple trips to get materials
    • By packing you, we gain a better understanding of your moving inventory and make sure we adjust your moving crew if necessary.

We can only guarantee zero breakage in boxes that we pack, versus boxes that we didn’t pack.

Packing Service Charges*

One Man£ 35 / Hour
Two Men Team£ 50 / Hour
Three Men Team£ 70 / Hour

*All chargers will be subject to VAT at 20%. Packing material costs are not included in the price.