Packing Tips

Capstone Removals London: Packing Tips

We’ve prepared a general Packing Timeline for local movers, to help you plan and prepare for your move. Depending on the size of your home, you should start packing about 2 – 4 weeks prior to your move. Whatever you do — don’t leave it to the last minute! You don’t want to rush when it comes to packing your belongings. Give yourself time to do it right.

General Packing Tips:

  • Packing Boxes. Source and obtain strong “double walled” boxes and tape both the bottom and top of every box by running two strips of tape along the side and one strip down the center.
  • Stuff boxes to the top.  Pack all boxes to the brim and fill spaces with void filling material. This prevents  them from being crushed.
  • Wrap small / fragile items individually. This will prevent them from breakage.
  • Pack items appropriately by weight. Be sure that boxes don’t weigh more than 10 kg. Always use small boxes for heavier items – and larger boxes for light weight, bulky items.
  • Label the contents of every box. Use these three criteria: Where is it going? How fragile are its contents? When will I need it? You need labels on the boxes that will make it easy to identify the contents and destination of each of your moving boxes.
  • Make an inventory of your property. Simple— but absolutely essential, to both you and the movers.
    • Sounds easy? Take the time to give this a little thought. The items in the box may be headed for a different place in your NEW home. And labeling boxes correctly will save you from having to move them again, once you’re in your new place.
    • Labeling boxes according to the sturdiness of their contents helps ensure that the moving crew takes special care with your most fragile belongings.
    • Whatever is loaded LAST on the truck will come off FIRST. Make sure that the things you need the most are available to you — as long as you need them —and as soon as you need them at your new home. The kinds of “must haves” may include cleaning supplies and tools— or even the playpen! It’s up to you!

Specific Tips For Packing Some Other Items:

How to Pack Clothes

  • No need to pack clothes you don’t wear anymore. Throw them away or donate.
  • Use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes.
  • Pack the clothes you need immediately in a separate small box.
  • Pack shoes separately to prevent your clothes from getting dirty.
  • Seal the boxes with tape and label each moving box.

Dishware & Glasses

  • Use large, double-corrugated boxes.
  • Wrap each item individually
  • Don’t use newspaper because print residue must be handwashed off every single item.
  • Don’t place one piece of dishware on another. Separate with a layer of stuffed paper.
  • Cushion the top and sides of each box with void filling material to prevent shifting.


  • Electronics and appliances should be moved with extreme care. You can save yourself a lot of headache by following the following steps.
  • If possible move electronics in original cartons. If it is not possible then pack items separately in bubble wrap.
  • Disconnect all wiring and cables.
  • Take pictures of wires to make reconnecting much easier.
  • Pack wires and cables with their corresponding electronic units.
  • Make a backup of all software
  • Pack small accessories, such as remote controls, with each component.


  • Pack pictures in picture boxes.
  • Line bottom of boxes with paper
  • Place pictures in boxes, then stuff front, back, and along the top with padding paper.